Aasha's hope and faith

Aasha is the daughter of our sweet mama Robin, (who is now retired and living happily on a small family farm in Bend, Oregon).
Like her mother Robin, Aasha is the kind of dog who never causes any trouble.
She's sweet, quiet and very gentle. She never barks at strangers and seems to love everybody, especially children.
She enjoys playing ball but isn't a pest about it.
She's happy to go for a walk but is equally content to just nap on your lap. She really just goes with the flow.
I couldn't ask for a nicer dog. She's also one of the most beautiful dogs we've ever had. The many champion show dogs in her family lines are clearly evident in her nearly perfect conformation and markings.
She's just an all around great dog, from a long line of healthy and beautiful Cavaliers.

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Aasha's daddy was Champion Castlemars Birthday Boy. He is now retired but you can see his photo on his breeder's website: Cavaliers Of Castlemar, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Breeder TX/OK

Aasha's mommy

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