Anneke Anne Bolyn

Anneke is retired now and will live with us !!

Anneke was born in the beautiful state of Arizona. She came to live in Oregon when she was 8 weeks old. My husband was retired and wanted to have someone to keep him company while I was at work. Anneke has been the sweetest most wonderful companion to him.
She is a terrific combination of quiet and energy. When it is time to go for a walk she is so excited she jumps around and makes noises like a monkey! She is a natural athelete, and she loves to go to the dog park and chase rabbits through the blackberry brambles. But when my husband is sitting on the couch, Anneke is always right in his lap. She will lay there for hours at a time contentedly.
Anneke has just had her first litter of puppies last year. This was a funny story about the birth. We knew she was close to her time, so we cleared our schedules that whole week. There was only one appointment we could not cancel, my husband had to go to the INS and have his fingerprints and pictures done (He is from Holland). These appointments are set up months ahead of time and are impossible to change. So, of course, Anneke went into labor the very day of the appointment. We did not want to leave her with the teenagers for the 3 hours it would take us to drive to Portland and back, so we took her with us. And of course she gave birth in the car. We joked that the $100 whelping box my husband had so carefully made for her was not good enough, OUR princess wanted to have HER puppies in the $20K car. She was a wonderful and devoted mother, and all her puppies are doing great and all of them have found wonderfull families!! After having given more friends to us over the years with help of more puppies she is retired since April 2013 and still lives with us for the rest of her life. And enjoys a well deserved good restfull life now.

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