"Aurora Goddess Of The Dawn" This gorgeous copper red ruby sparkles with golden highlights like bright morning sunlight. She is heart, eye and patella certified. Aurora is Maggie's daughter. She was born here and is so spunky, funny, loving, adorable and amazing that we couldn't bear to ever sell her. She inherited what we call "The hugging gene" from her daddy Rusty and loves to cuddle by pressing her face into your neck or cheek. She is brilliant at getting what she wants, like when she climbs into your purse as you start getting ready to go somewhere. But it is impossible to ever be annoyed witth her as she has uncanny intuition and emotional maturity. When she was only 7 month old, one of our other dogs gave birth but wanted no part of caring for the pups. Aurora (still just a baby herself) adopted all 8 puppies and raised them as her own. She even started producing milk and nursed them, relieving us of the difficulty of bottle feeding them every 2 hours. When a friend came to stay with me after the sudden tragic loss of her husband and 2 dogs, Aurora abandoned me completely and became a full time grief counselor. Giving hugs, kisses, cuddlies or laughter as needed during the difficult months ahead. Helped my friend heal and become whole. (It's impossible to feel alone with a Cavalier shadowing your every move.) Now all grown up, Aurora has a litter of her own. If they are anything like their mother they will be remarkable dogs indeed.

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