Louis Satchmo Armstrong

Meet Lou is also known as Barkley, a very sweet boy
with a very special pedigree !!

Barkley has been an absolute joy of a dog. He has an adorable smile and is very photogenic.
He loves riding in cars with his head out the window especially if we're headed to the dog park.
He's very friendly with other dogs, people, and children which makes our walks fun, because he gets pets every block.
His favorite game is fetch and must point at the toy before retrieving it.
He has been a very patient big brother to his sister Daisy.
He's also a great role model with potty training, getting in the car, sitting for treats, staying, and getting off the coffee table.
He's more independent than expected from the breed description. He isn't a "velcro dog" as the breed is often described, and can be outside on his own, sleep in another room, and play by himself.
But he does sleep at the end of our bed every night, likes to snuggle, and must get his ear, shoulder, and hip scratches daily.

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