Maggie Mae Magpie

Maggie is retired now and enjoys it very much !!

Maggie is a 12 pound black and tan with loads of personality. She is heart, eye and patella certified. She loves to go for car rides, run along beside a bicycle at full speed, play in the snow, and ride behind my back in my wheelchair. She is very obedient and always tries to do the right thing.
Maggie retired in 2012 after giving us many beautiful and healthy puppies. Since she was our first Cavalier ever, we can't imagine not keeping her. She still rules the house as the matriarch and Grandma while her Daughter Aurora is still making beautiful babies. Maggie had one last puppy in 2012 before we spayed her;
a female tri we named "Promise".
We're keeping Promise and hope she will one day continue Maggie's legacy by producing more healthy and loving Cavaliers.

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