Malu Lani Bliss (AKA Missy) came to live with us as a gift from a dear friend.
She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and has appointed herself the official “Greeter” in our home.
While the other dogs race to the front door vigorously announcing visitors with raucous barking,
Missy waits quietly until guests are seated and while we are busy shushing the pack, she jumps on the couch beside our
guests and sweetly welcomes them with her deep loving eyes and gentle snuggles.
She treats each person as though they were her most special friend and gives newcomers to the breed their first taste of
that remarkable adoration which has earned them the nickname “Comfort Spaniels”.

Missy is everything I could want in a dog, loving, loyal, smart, obedient, gentle, cooperative, quiet, trusting, I could go on and on. I often find her just watching us as though studying our words and actions in order to be ready for any opportunity to help out.
As my Assistance Dog Nancy began showing signs of aging, Missy began studying Nancy's work and trying to mimic her tasks. When it became time for Nancy to retire, instead of applying for a replacement I decided to give Missy a try. She took to it as if it were her destiny. After just three field trips to public settings I tested her in a restaurant and she behaved as though she had done it a thousand times. She now has her own backpack for carrying my wallet and accompanies me wherever I go unless she has puppies too young to leave alone. But that only happens once a year in the winter when it is too cold for me to want to go out anyway. So it hasn't caused any hardships for either of us. She is an amazing multifaceted dog who is a wonderful mother and an accomplished career girl. She epitomizes the modern day woman.

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