.Pickles is the daughter of our very own Abby and Morgan.
When she was just 5 weeks old she distinguished herself by climbing over the x-pen to join the people on the sofa.
That was only the beginning of her career as a trickster.
Finally we just had to change her name from Bailly in to Pickles, because she is constantly getting herself into one and we are either rescuing her or cleaning up after her. She is extremely agile and athletic, an expert escape artist, a brilliant puzzle solver, and the sweetest little girl you could ever want to meet.
She's always making us laugh at her antics. If there's trouble anywhere she's in the middle of it.
She's frequently dust or mud spatterred like a little tom-boy and she usually has a twinkle in her eye that you know is her planning her next caper.
If her puppies are even half as smart as she is, the world had better watch out.

click on Abby and Morgan to get to know more about the parents of Pickles !

Abby Morgan

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