Mystics Ruby(aka Robin)

Robin came to us when she was 2yrs old, from a breeder that was going out of business. She had lived her whole life in a kennel and had some big adjustments to make. She was timid and shy, nervous in the car, had never walked on a leash and was terrified of strangers. She must have felt like she had been abducted by aliens when we brought her home to our ranch with such strange things as horses, goats, cats, kids, my wheelchair and to her amazement TELEVISION! Not every dog could have made the adjustment but Robin is not just any dog, she is remarkable. She bonded quickly and began to trust our judgement. Learning became exciting to her as she discovered that words had meanings. She traded fear for fun and developed an eager affectionate personality. She loves soft pillows and lounging on our Queen Sized bed. Taking walks with her is a joy and she now rides in the car like she owns it. She adores belly rubs and being brushed, and pretty much anything involving people. She comes from champion lines and is heart and eye certified. But even so, we would never have bred her if she hadn't prooved herself to be so emotionally stable. She is a devoted mom but not at all neurotic about her pups. We handle them daily and they are doing great. They are going to be wonderful, smart dogs.

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