"Scarlet" Scarlet brings us three generations of these remarkable dogs under one roof.
Her Mother Aurora and her Grandmother Maggie are still with us in retirement bringing love and humor to our home everyday.
Scarlet is the spitting image of her mother Aurora at this age. Her amber colored Ruby coat reflects the sunlight as if her hair were laced with strands of gold.
She is confident and spunky, loving to chase birds on the beach and balls in the park. She loves every stranger, greeting them as long lost friends.
Every morning I'm greeted as I wake up by lightning fast Ruby kisses and a furry hug that nearly smothers me.
She's so excited to see I'm awake she can't contain her joy.
Scarlet has never had a sad day in her life.
At under 12 pounds Scarlet looks petite and delicate but don't be fooled she's the leader of the pack. Whether leaping into a frigid river or playing with kids at the park, she brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.
If there is mischief to be had, she'll be right in the middle of it. Although she enjoys napping in a warm lap, and always sleeps UNDER the covers, she's always ready for a new adventure.

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