Trouble's Sire was the number one dog in all of Germany in 2012.
We are so grateful to have access to this fabulous bloodline. We had to name our sweet boy Yankee Troublemaker due to show he was "Made in America" (a Yankee) and due to his fearless and precocious personality.
He is a constant bundle of fun and the most loving Cavalier you could ever want.
His fun loving personality is only surpassed by his beauty.
Trouble has been living in Bend, as part of our Central Oregon breeding program but is now available for placement in a caretaker home in the Willamette Valley.
He enjoys life to the fullest as you can see by these photos of his adventures.
If you are interested in sharing your home with Yankee Troublemaker please contact us about becoming a Companion Cavaliers Caretaker.